By Shopping

Shopping at Kroger

Every quarter, FEAT-Houston receives a check through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. By making FEAT-Houston your charity of choice, you are making a contribution to FEAT and helping to support our various programs. It’s easy to do:

At Kroger, you will need to link your Kroger Plus card to FAMILIES FOR EFFECTIVE AUTISM TREATMENT HOUSTON – NPO # PN984 after creating an online account. Go to Kroger Community Rewards. Every time you use your Kroger Plus card or alternative ID when you shop, FEAT-Houston will get credit and there is no added cost to you.  Please make FEAT-Houston the designated charity of your choice then pass this information along to friends and relatives and encourage them to do the same.

Shopping on Amazon

Without spending an extra cent, you can get Amazon to donate .5% of all the shopping you do on Amazon to FEAT-Houston simply by shopping through the Amazon Smile site.

When you first go to the site, you should be asked which charity you want to support.  Type FEAT-Houston, then select us.   After that you will see Supporting: Families For Effective Autism Treatment – Houston at the top of your page when you log in to the site. You only have to select us once.  If you accidentally select another charity, you can easily change it to FEAT-Houston.

So it’s easy!  Bookmark the link below so you can start your Amazon shopping: 

Amazon Smile