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  • OAR – Organization for Autism Research. The OAR website has a “Teacher’s Corner” section with resources to aid in teaching your students with ASD as well as a professional development curriculum.
  • National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC)
  • Keys To Classroom Management. Latham, Glenn (1998) North Logan, Utah: P&T Ink
  • Autism In The School-Aged Child. Schmidt, Carol, & Heybyrne, Beth (2004) Denver, Colorado: Autism Family Press
  • Behind the Schoolhouse Door: Eight Skills Every Teacher Should Have. Latham, Glenn
    This guide describes eight skills every teacher should learn that were derived from a study of 252 schools in 50 states, American territories and protectorates, and 14 foreign countries over a 16-year period (1980-1996). Interviews were conducted with 769 teachers, 253 administrators, and 23 other school personnel. The skills include:
    (1) the ability to teach expectations;
    (2) the ability to get and keep students on task;
    (3) the ability to maintain a high rate of positive teacher-to-pupil interactions (including ensuring positive interactions with students who have developmental delays);
    (4) the ability to respond noncoercively to inappropriate behavior that is consequential; (5) the ability to maintain a high rate of risk-free student response opportunities;
    (6) the ability to serve problem-behavior students in the primary learning environment; (7) the ability to avoid being trapped into responses (criticism, sarcasm, threats, questioning, logic, arguing, force, and despair); and
    (8) the ability to manage behavior “scientifically.”
    Along with the description of each skill is an explanation of why teachers need to learn the specific skill and a discussion of supporting research findings and observations.
    This information was taken from ERIC – Behind the Schoolhouse Door: Eight Skills Every Teacher Should Have
    Download a copy here: Behind the Schoolhouse Door: Eight Skills Every Teacher Should Have

For LPC's

  • Latham, Glenn (1994) The Power of Positive Parenting. Providence, Utah: P & T Ink.
  • Lutzker, John, & Campbell, Randy (1994) Ecobehavioral Family Interventions in Developmental Disabilities. Belmont, California: Brooks/Cole.
  • Patterson, Gerald ( ) Families: Applications of Social Learning to Family Life.

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