Recruiting Therapists/Trainers for In-Home Treatment Programs

Resources for Recruiting Therapists/Trainers

FEAT-Houston does not currently maintain a list of potential In-Home Trainers but here are some ideas that have been useful for other parents.

FEAT-Houston sends out an email each month with news of upcoming trainings and events and also has a “Classifieds” section. We will let you run a free small Classified ad if you need to try to advertise for help. If you would like to see a sample of the Classifieds to know how to write your ad we can send you one. Otherwise, just be sure to include a description of your need, your general location and a way to contact you (email, phone, etc.…) We need to receive your ad at least five days before the end of the month. Email your request to

There are a couple of websites that also might be useful to you. Some parents have had some success recruiting on them. Both sites allow you to post an ad and then applicants can contact you through the site if interested. Both sites also allow you to look at resume type information posted by job seekers.

  1. – You can search the Special Needs section for care providers by area code and you will see a listing with pictures, information and wage requested. It is free and your contact is through the website so they (the potential care providers) don’t have your personal information until you provide it. has a Special Needs section and you can search using your zip code.
  2. – Go to and post a job there. (Look at the top left and click Employers/Post Job to go to the job posting section.) You can pick your own title – like ABA therapist/trainer and make your own description. All applications come via the website to your email so no one gets your email address and you can ignore those who are not at all qualified. The site also give you the option to send them a generic type note (that you can edit) telling them you are not interested.